Saturday, October 3, 2015

Guatemala // 3

A N T I G U A 

I saved the best for last! (and late, oops.) This is a small collection of my favorite photos of Antigua, the city that we stayed in during our stay in Guatemala (about 45min away from the clinic where we worked). It is a beautiful old European city with cobble stoned roads and tons of italian food! All I wanted was a burrito or some beans & rice, but it was mysteriously hard to find anything other than fancy french or italian restaurants! haha 
Why is American money so lame compared to every single other currency I've ever seen? Give us some colors! And a lady while you're at it! 
If you're in Antigua visit Nimpot, it's a huge textile store that sells just about everything and actually has better prices than most of the vendors nearby. 
^^ what my dreams are made of! 
We hiked up this hill where there is this giant white cross above the city, we saw the city below us and across from us one of the many volcanoes that surround it. But it was super cool because a storm was brewing and there was lightening flashing across the sky right in the clouds above the volcano! We stood there for 20min trying to get a picture, but of course everytime we put our arms down to rest for a second, it would strike. 

loved all the local textiles 

The absolute BEST creme brulee gelato I've EVER had, including Italy. This stuff was amazing! And at $4 a cup, it wasn't cheap either! But oh so good! I don't even usually like the creme brulee flavor but I certainly liked this one.
locals market

Three cheers for Antigua! 


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