Thursday, April 3, 2014


Skipping ahead (chronologically) in my Safari 2014 posts, I am just too excited and can't wait any longer to share this post!

Our last few days of travel were spent in Zimbabwe near Victoria Falls. A definite change of pace from all the bush camping + safaris. Victoria Falls was pure adventure, and I decided to embrace it all. So off I went on an adrenaline filled afternoon with a few of my good travel friends!

Jumping. Off. Cliffs. In. Africa.

youthful spontaneity and recklessness at its finest!

We superman-ed our way over a gorge, we ziplined down a cliff face at a 45 degree angle,  slowly working our way up to the big one.. the JUMP of all jumps.

400 feet above the rushing river
all you are wearing is a little harness
oh and the line doesn't catch until 30ft above the water
so you are free falling for most of that distance


When I envisioned myself doing that jump earlier in the morning, I had every intention of closing my eyes, clutching the rope, and jumping off. But once we got to the gorge the daredevil inside of me had other plans! So before I knew it, I was on my hands, being hoisted into a handstand about to flip off the platform into free fall.

hashtag YOLO, amiright?

shoutout to all my friends who were there and helped me film this! Thanks to all the adrenaline coursing through our veins, it turned out a little shaky, but I love it all the same!

wait a few minutes, for it to load in HD. It's worth it.

and some photos from the day!
 photo jump3_zpsebc20d29.jpg
 photo jump2_zps4b211b5f.jpg
look carefully at the line. you are pretty much zooming straight towards the water,on some rusty little carabiners.. but this was by far the least scary one! I even got to see two crocodiles in the water!

see that itty bitty second rope that is knotted to the top of my harness? well that is what is supposed to catch me if the first line breaks.. 
I really wish that we had filmed ourselves more before jumping.. all morning I had butterflies in my stomach, just thinking about it! When it was time to go, we all were freaking out! so nervous, but so excited!

Once I got my harness on I was a nervous ball of energy, I literally could not stop bouncing around as I watched my friends go.

We were the only ones there, which didn't really help me feel any better about the whole safety thing.. but oddly enough, once I launched myself off that first platform I wasn't scared at all! Quite contrary, I had the time of my life!

I would do it again in a heartbeat, no hestitation.

So here is the real question: how am I going to top this? skydiving anyone? I need my adrenaline fix.


  1. Holy crap that video was amazing! I've always been terrified of bungee jumping and ski diving but lately I've been changing my mind. So cool that you got to do this in such an incredible place!

  2. That. video. was. insane! I am so jazzed to do that RIGHT NOW! What an amazing experience! Were you nervous?

  3. oh my goodness. Wow! I felt adrenaline just watching the video.

  4. This should have made me nervous to watch...instead it warmed my heart. Love this life you're living!!

  5. oh my gosh i could never do that! i am so terrified of heights! way to go girl!