Friday, September 18, 2015

Guatemala // 2

The whole reason we went to Guatemala for a week was to work at a vision clinic in the town of Chimaltenango, about 45min outside of Antigua. It was hard work, some days I got so absorbed in it that I barely sat down for 5min to eat lunch between 8am and 5pm, but it was so rewarding! Everyday we had about 500 new patients who would start lining up at 5am for the clinic! 

^^ we used this church for our clinic

First we would send patients to these machines to get their eyes checked at the retinomax which was able to measure their prescription along with astigmatism, then the prescription was checked in the data base laptops (below), then runners grabbed the glasses from the bank, and then we called over the patients and worked with them to get the best fit.

I LOVED doing the fittings! That was my primary job for the first two days and even though I haven't taken spanish since 7th grade I was somehow really good at speaking spanish with the patients! haha don't ask me how! 
These old ladies and their braids were everything! 
The cutest little crew 
Part of a mural on the back wall of the church hall
chicken buses!! Also this picture was taken while I was sitting in my assigned seat in the bus.. on the floor on top of the gearbox next to the driver wedged between Ilona and Bri's legs hahaha.

The police station in Chimaltenango 
ignore my ghostly face (thank you migraine) and look out how cute these old ladies are
This monument in the park that got real with history.


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