Monday, July 27, 2015

A Star Spangled Weekend

I LOVE the 4th of July.

I don't know what it is, but this year especially I just couldn't stop smiling about how much I love this holiday!

I have even come to the official conclusion that it is my 2nd favorite holiday! (after Christmas, naturally)

I love getting dressed up in red, white, and blue!
I love the warm summer sun!
I love hanging out with family and friends!
And I especially love the f i r e w o r k s !

We kept it low key this year and kind of just made up our weekend plans as we went along. 
On Friday some of us went on a little hike in the mountains. It was the perfect hiking temperature and its so pretty up there! 

We really are so lucky in Salt Lake to have such beautiful mountains so close to the city center! 

fam bam, thank you ma'am 

I ate some patriotic toast for breakfast 
and apple pie for lunch. 

On the 4th I had to work at a festival for a few hours :/ 
But I met a new friend there, so that was a plus! 

Around 6pm I started doing some smoke bombs with the sibs and we quickly realized that we were going to need some more supplies. So we all hopped on our bikes and biked over to the nearest firework tent to stock up! 

We had way too much fun biking over there in our pack while singing the national anthem together!

When we got home I tried to take a pinterest-perfect photo of me holding the smoke bomb, but the sparks quickly started burning my hand, so I freaked out and we got it all on camera.. haha 

Shoutout to my bff Andre for even capturing the whole incident in slow-mo.. 

you have to check it out, its hilarious! Just click HERE to see it on my instagram (@jessicaoglesby)

^^ hamming it up for the camera 

After our failed smoke bomb photo shoot, we made a bonfire in our backyard and roasted some s'mores (and starbursts!!) Which was definitely not a failure!

Then of course we capped off the night by watching the sugarhouse fireworks! Seriously, these are the best in town! They are insanely huge and the show literally went on for 24min. I wanted to cry it was so pretty! My family kept making fun of me for gasping and awing so much during the show! 

If you're a SLC local, you've gotta check them out! 
Totally worth braving the crowds, they are THAT good! 


xx Jess 

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