Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer // ONE

Part one of my summer adventures 

J U N E 

I don't know what exactly its is, but I thrive in the summertime! 
Hands down my favorite season. 
[ #notbasic because Fall isn't my favorite ]

I love the warm air, the sultry nights, the cool breezes.. 
splashing in swimming pools
eating all the fresh fruit I can get my hands on 
going for hikes in the mountains
drinking tea on the balcony in the mornings 
watching the sunset at 9pm 

Life is just better in the summer! 

Here are some bits and pieces of the first month of summer:

^^ Wood-fired pizza is easily one of my top 5 food groups right now.
This is our new dog, her name is Zoe. 
I was adamant that we didn't need a dog (especially a TINY dog!) and that she would be nothing but trouble!
But now I can't imagine coming home and not having her run over to me and lick my toes then roll on her back begging for belly rubs. She's one of the tribe now.

Banbury Cross Donuts !! pro tip: go extra early to make sure you snag the good ones!

Sunday hikes with friends 

farmer's market adventures 

Max: Jess can we buy some Phish Food? 
Me: No max, we've had way too much sugar already this weekend! 
Max: But they're on sale.. 
Me: ... ok we better get at least 4 then! 

Pride Parade with Mormon's Building Bridges because Love is Love 
Also, LOVE WON this summer!! 

Why is the downtown SLC library is so cool and so underrated?

This turquoise ring used to be my grandma's, and I basically haven't taken it off since I got it.

^^ Just a little corner of the prettiest building in Salt Lake, where I also happen to work. I loved my internship with SLC Green at the City & County building this summer. It's given me some great experience and new friends! 

Yeah I'd have to say that June was a-ok in my book! 
Summer, please DONUT ever stop.

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  1. why have i not been to banbury yet? THEY LOOK AMAZING!