Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer // TWO

Part two of my summer adventures 

J U L Y 

nothing but love for this month
if I had a favorite month, July would probably be it!
(but who has favorite months? That's just a little too much)

This girl LOVES to have her belly scratched, most days she begs for me to carry her around like a baby and scratch her belly for at least 15min. If I stop at 5min she starts groaning and sighing. What a drama queen! 

This summer we signed up to be a part of the Tagge's CSA, and it's been so fun! I look forward to Thursday's just so that I can see what beautiful/fresh produce awaits us in this week's box. If you haven't heard of a CSA, google it and find one near you! For us at least it seems like a really great investment where we get a lot of fresh local fruits and veggies for a more reasonable price. 

This is just a picture of a pretty moon rise, but it reminds me of how throughout June I was obsessed with looking at the moonrise because you could see venus AND jupiter! How crazy is that? Plus, on the last night in June, the two planets appeared to merge in the sky. 

summer noms 

I walked into my sisters room and found that Zoe had tucked herself into bed and was resting her head on the pillow. So now I'm pretty certain that she thinks she's a human. Also, our eyes.

more farmers market goodies ^^ I have a small berry addiction

I spent a weekend in July holed up in my house writing like crazy for this 17pg research paper. I love fresh air and the sound of wind stirring the trees, so I actually wrote most of the paper on the balcony with this view I love so much. It kinda feels to me like being up in a treehouse. 

more CSA goodness 

Some of us kids hiked Ensign Peak at sunset and the views were amazing. I took way too many pictures, but I love them all. 

At the end of July I finished my internship with the sustainability division at the mayor's office. I'll miss working in this beautiful building! I loved my internship, I worked on some great projects and I learned a lot. 

Watching the fireworks from our balcony for the 24th of July 

oh kale yeah

Wildflowers!! Summer up at Alta is almost as beautiful as winter! 

Another classic Zoe pose, we call it meerkat-ing. 
Also, I'm pretty sure that these pictures all fall into one of three categories: Food, Nature, or Zoe.. 
Not a bad July I guess! 

And two more pics from the hike, because BFFs for lyfe.

I don't want it to be august!! 
Summer, please don't ever end!  

xx Jess 

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