Friday, October 24, 2014


The week before midterms week was CRAZY for me! So much to do! But as a result during midterms week itself I only had one research paper due on Monday and then a Psychology exam on Thursday, which left Tuesday and Wednesday pretty open. So when I found out that a dear friend of mine from high school was in Italy, I couldn't resist! I super last minute bought a train ticket for an all day trip to Florence to join his family vacation for a day! 
[Ponte Vecchio Bridge]
Low quality picture of a high quality statue. Honesty moment: I didn't get what all the hype was about one statue, people were lined down the block to get in and see it, but then I saw it in person and now I'm a true believer! It is so lifelike and nearly unfathomable that someone could carve that from a hunk of rock. 
Serious question: If you mess up while chiseling away at a sculpture, what do you do? start over?! 

we're so hip we take photos with garbage trucks in Italy..

I've traveled a bit around Italy but never anywhere in Tuscany and never Florence, so this actually was great family trip for me to tag along on! I have varying opinions of Italian cities that I've been to, but I really liked this day in Florence. Part of it might have been the great company, but I also enjoyed that Florence seemed to be a thriving city, as opposed to the cripple tourist traps that some cities have devolved into. Italy is definitely a unique place, but Florence has a rich history and it was fun to explore it with good friends!
these kids!! 
awkward family photo starring Jessica and the Berger family 

In the Santa Croce Basilica you can find the tombs of many famous figures including Galileo (pictured below) and Dante, pretty impressive how many history shaping figures came from Florence.
quote from Ben's mom: " 3 smart kids. Jessica, Ben, and Galileo" 
I love moms! haha

Santa Croce Basilica 
 there are some alright churches in Florence.. I guess.. ;)
jk. they are incredible. The duomo is astoundingly big and dominates the florence skyline! Truly awe inspiring and so incredible.
love these boys! didn't want to say goodbye at the train station! 
Here's to more adventures and friends across the world! 


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  1. Love you and the Berger family!!!! So much excitement in one trip!! xo