Monday, October 27, 2014


 Hello from Iceland! I am actually in ICELAND. What is this?!
So excited to be here for two weeks!! While I truly do love the academics at Franklin, I gotta say, Academic Travel is THE best part of Franklin!

Two weeks of field studies in Iceland? Does it get any cooler? (haha, bad unintentional pun)
10 days in and I've already taken over one thousand photos.. this country is too beautiful! 

I promise I won't post all one thousand photos (or even half of that!) but I have decided to divide up my posts about Iceland into 4 groupings: Geo, Fjord, Falls, and City. 

So, while I am still processing and learning, here is my photo journal pat one: Geo.

 B L U E   L A G O O N 
We went straight from the airport to the hotel to the Blue Lagoon our first evening in Iceland. Soaking in the warm water was the best way to unwind from the stress of midterms week + a day of traveling.  I only wish that we had been able to spend more time here! I'd have happily floated around all day. 
So tired in this picture, but so so happy! 

G R Á B R Ó K   C R A T E R 
path to mordor? mars? or a volcanic crater? 

F R O M  T H E  R O A D  

 Steam rising from the ground near a geothermal spring
20 yrs old in Iceland
The one night we stayed in this hotel there was a distinct "Shutter Island" vibe to it.. 
A geothermal pool looking out over the Arctic Ocean
hiking selfie
snow! (spoiler alert: much more to come in the next posts!) 
And a seal peeking its head out! We saw about 8 seals during our costal hike! They were so playful and curious! 

And this post was just the beginning, three more posts and a billion more photos to be posted soon!