Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I am the world's worrrsssstttt blogger! I know, I know. I am over a month behind on posting, but you know what? #sorrynotsorry

I am not going to apologize for being too busy living life. But, that being said, this blog is my photo journal and I love documenting my crazy life in it. So let's take a quick step back into September. And a spontaneous daytrip to Venice!!

 I never imagined a point in my life when I would be able to casually say, "oh yeah, I'm just going to take a quick daytrip to Venice." I really am so thankful for the opportunities I have. As far as Venice goes, I just got lucky! I found super cheap last minute train tickets and I had a great friend who was willing to go too! So off we went early one Saturday morning!
The Grand Canal + my beautiful travel buddy Julie! She entertained me the whole train ride there with stories of her 7 months in Madagascar and Rwanda! 
One thing I loved about Venice is that even though there are a handful of great museums, the main thing to see in Venice is Venice itself! The city is just so unlike any other! There are no roadways, only canals for boats. The entire public transportation system is based on boats! Garbage pickup? Boats. Grocery shopping? Boats! It is hard to conceptualize, but so cool to see!

This series of photos (below) is what happens when I am trying to get a good picture.. I definitely missed out on the photogenic gene! The struggle is real everyone! 

 ^^ had to sneak a photo of the famous gondeliers, apparently it is a very strictly regulated profession and they only 425 in Venice and a guild controls their licensing.

Unlike most trips I take, we didn't have any kind of plan for the day. We just bought a daypass for the boats and spent the day wandering all the tiny streets and marveling at this city. It was the perfect strolling weather and a low key day.

As we took the boat back from Murano (one of the islands outside of venice we ate dinner at) there was the most spectacular sunset! I seriously did not edit these pictures at all, it was insanely gorgeous and probably due to all the industrial pollution from factories just inland of Venice, but there's gotta be some kind of silver lining to pollution! 
Good night venice!



  1. Is there anywhere like Venice?! I think the pics are stunning!!

  2. um wait this is amazing and i'm obsessed with your life.