Thursday, July 3, 2014

June Report

I always have this grand delusion that when I am home from school I will have all the free time in the world to catch up on blogging.. this could not be further from the truth! All summer my days have been jam packed! Mostly with good things though! So I am not complaining.

June started off strong with Brennon's high school graduation and Ilona's middle school graduation! Brennon was a part of East High School's (yes, the High School Musical school) 100th graduating class! Super exciting. I am so proud of him!
^^ we didn't even plan the coordination haha 

Middle school grad Ilona recognized during the graduation as a 4.0 student, plus she gave an awesome speech! We worked on it for a solid two weeks straight beforehand and she did an amazing job!
^^ one super-sunny-almost-everyone family picture (minus Brennon) 

Then we spent a family day at Lagoon, this massive amusement park in Utah. I'm kinda an adrenaline junkie, so I had a great time hitting up all the roller coasters! My favorite ride is Wicked, an open roller coaster that shoots you out of the tunnel at 55 mph in 2.5 seconds. But Re-entry (the ride in this picture) is truly the scariest. In this tiny seat and a slightly loose harness you are slowly carried 200 feet up into the air and allowed to squirm up there just long enough to realize how high up you are and then without warning the ride drops and you plummet towards the earth! TERRIFYING.

Next, we spent a Sunday at the Pride Parade. We walked with a group called Mormons Building Bridges which is all about extending a hand of acceptance and love to everyone. It was an incredible experience and we were received so lovingly by the crowd as we marched by in our church clothes.

Then, my little (not so little anymore) brother Brennon got his mission call! He has chosen to serve a two year mission for our church, but when you sign up you have no idea where they will send you. So opening that letter is a huge family affair! After we packed about 50 people into our living room, he finally opened it and read that he is headed to Orlando, Florida!! .. Portuguese speaking!! I am so happy, it truly is the perfect call for him. He leaves August 20th and I have no idea what I am going to do without him for 2 years.. I'm already dreading that day. But I have lots of friends who are on missions right now and I now that two years goes by quicker than you might imagine.
In other exciting news, WORLD CUP?!! I am devastated at Switzerland's and the US's losses in the round of 16, but I am rooting hard for Germany to win it all! With German family, and the sickest German soccer team ever, how could I not?

Also worth noting, I have been on a major cleansing streak! After a solid week of non-stop work we have deep cleaned and organized most rooms in our house. I love this little house, but we are starting to really push the envelope and we may have some exciting house related news coming up soon...

The other day I went on a 3 hour errand run with my mom and two littlest brothers. Unfortunately, it quickly devolved into a temper tantrum fest so I was stuck trying to coax them out of the car for 45 min while my mom was inside at Costco. We finally made it out, but not before we had our fair share of flailing limbs, tears, and a few laughs. I took some photos to commemorate the occasion. (not pictured: maxwell screaming and crying on the car floor right behind us.)

Other things I've been busy with:  clocking in a fair amount of time at the courthouse and in office for my summer project! More on this topic later. But suffice it for now to say that I am pleased with the way my project is moving forward! 

And last but not least, some summer sun by the pool. 

Life is insanely hectic, but also a blast. July, I'm ready for ya. 

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