Monday, July 21, 2014

Color Me Rad

The Oglesby Family is not a family of runners.. well I take that back, pretty much all of my cousins and second cousins run marathons, but our immediate family somehow just got passed over when it came to the running gene.

This semester though, at school,  I got really into running.  It was not easy for me, but I enjoyed being outdoors and being active. I made a goal to run FIFTY miles around Lugano by the end of the semester and I did it! 50 miles may not be a lot for some people, but for me, it was a lofty goal and one I am proud of achieving. 

I am sorry to admit though that this summer I have barely run at all. Being at home is just different and not as conducive to afternoon runs. With a notable exception being the 5K we ran as a family a few weeks ago! The Color Me Rad 5K has got to be one of the best races out there. We just had a blast and hardly realized it as 3.2 miles went by. We did it last year as well and will probably be back next year for even more. 

the day of the race we were down about 3 family members because of wisdom teeth surgery/tonsillectomy/bad knees. but most of us did it and had a great time! 

the youngest family member Maxwell was such a trooper, running/smiling all 3.2 miles! 

caked with colors.. it took a few showers to get them all out. 

Also worth noting, thanks to some miscommunication and good old fashioned Oglesby Family tardiness, we were LITERALLY the last people to cross the start line. The race began 30min before we started running. So while that wasn't the best way to start, it actually turned out to be a super motivating/fulfilling way to run a race. As we picked up speed and began slow jogging from the starting line, we began to pass a few stragglers. And then a few more. Until we had passed a good hundred people. We may have started last, but we certainly didn't come in last and had the proof running right behind us. 

By the time we finally reached the finish line, we had passed a few hundred people (this isn't a very serious race) and were happy to be handed color packets! As much as I love running through clouds of colors, my favorite part about the race is actually when I get to pick up my own color packet and join in on a moshpit of fellow runners, jamming to some music, and throwing color bombs in unison every 10min. It is basically like a color rave at 9am to celebrate finishing the race! And who wouldn't want to participate in a rave on a saturday morning?! 

ps Color Me Rad motto? Do Rad Stuff
pps Tribal children's motto? Do Bad Stuff!

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