Friday, June 13, 2014


I finally hit the big 2-0 a few weeks ago and I've got to admit it, twenty feels right!

19 was a solid year. I spent most of it in Switzerland at my dream school, traveling the world in my spare time, and skyping home to my tribe a little too often. I feel like I am well on my way to finding my own path in life, so I have high hopes for my 20s and it is a good feeling! 

For my birthday I hit up the gym (working on my summer fitness!), went out with my mom and sister to a delicious Italian bistro for lunch, went on a downtown shopping excursion with my twin bro to find an elusive jewelry box, and capped it all off with a huge family dinner at an awesome middle eastern restaurant and chilling on the back porch with friends. 

best birthday yet.  
cheers to the future! xo


  1. happy birthday!!!!
    ah, 20 sounds so young. here's to another adventurous year of life:)

  2. happy birthday! im turning 18 tomorrow and i also feel like it's a huge milestone! i cannot wait to see what the future brings us, girl:)

    1. happy birthday to you too Giulia! 18 is a big one too! Enjoy it!