Sunday, June 1, 2014

Snow Canyon

Camping with my little sis + twin bro for 3 nights in the desert of southern Utah was the best first weekend home. We climbed up way too many cliffs, hiked for miles, explored secret underground caves and roasted mallows under the stars. 

Hello summer! 

she's 6 years younger than me and we are the same height.. nbd. 
our trusty campsite 

spelunking was quite an adventure. These pictures were at the mouth of the caves where there was still some light. For most of the exploring though we were in the pitch black and had to use our trusty iphone flashlights (we weren't planning on cave exploring) for light. At one point we all crawled on our bellies through a narrow crack to reach a secret room in the cave. 

while spending so many hours roaming the desert we decided that the sage brush is the most perfect shade of green to compliment the red soil. To some this may seem like a barren landscape, but I absolutely love it. I think red rocks are the coolest. 

While hiking with a ranger up a closed canyon she said that she spots a desert tortoise once every few months. So as we were walking I jokingly called "tortoise where are you?" and then immediately my eyes zoned in on a tortoise just a few feet away from us! Pretty comical timing. 

we also did a ton of free climbing. Pelle loves to climb and is definitely the expert of the group. For anyone who has the gear + expertise to harness climb, there are hundreds of bolted routes within Snow Canyon. So check it out! 

our last full day there we decided to go on a 5 mile hike around the rim of the canyon, but in reality it was a 10 mile hike! Someone had mistakenly told us that the distances on the map were round trip, when in reality they were one way. We definitely were hot, sweaty, tired and completely out of water by mile 8. But we made it! And treated ourselves to some ice cream afterwards. 

^^ the best two adventure buddies 

I have made it a goal this summer to be out in nature as much as possible! I love it and am excited for the many camping/hiking/exploring adventures sure to come this summer! 

Hope your memorial day weekend was as lovely as mine! 


  1. wow!!! this is so cool!!!
    tell me about it. my twin siblings are 10 years younger than me and they both are TALLER than me.

  2. gorgeous pictures! spelunking looks like so much fun!!