Monday, March 24, 2014

Budapest, Hungary

I meant to post this ages ago, oops!

But here we are nearly a month and a half after my trip.. just roll with it!

I  kinda loved Budapest.. So, fair warning, this is going to be a photo heavy post!  We ate at the coolest restaurants, we went to vintage boutiques, we toured beautiful churches, we walked across the famous Chain Bridge and explored the Pest side too. Because -- little known fact -- until 1875 Budapest was actually two rival cities (Buda and Pest) split by the Danube River.

We had a ton of fun and I loved the vibe here. it felt like an up and coming hipsters dream mixed with a beautiful architecture dating back to the Austro-Hungarian empire when Budapest and Vienna co-ruled the region. so keep on keepin' on Budapest, I like your style. 

 photo IMGP3921_zpsfdbe3dde.jpg  photo IMG_8302_zpsfe2d258f.jpg  photo IMG_8268_zps366346b2.jpg photo IMG_7966_zps2e70d987.jpg  photo IMG_8453_zpsb84e9ba9.jpg  photo IMG_8290_zps305d2075.jpg  photo IMG_8039_zps09ccc1b5.jpg
meet my roommate Marina, she is okay I guess :)
 photo IMG_8054_zps23c49fb5.jpg  photo IMGP3931_zpsb6059757.jpg
during the every other season of the year, this castle is an island, surrounded by a large moat, but during the winter they dam up the pond and create a massive ice rink in front of the castle! and if the whole thing could get any cooler, let's not overlook the Hogwarts vibe that castle is giving.
 photo buda2_zpscf35c328.png
largest synagogue in Europe! also adjacent to the building is a memorial for Hungarian Jews who lost their life's during the Holocaust, plus a museum of Jewish history in Budapest. really interesting stuff.
 photo IMGP3871_zps8e83676d.jpg
the basilica that was right next to our apartment
 photo IMG_8445_zps67f3ed2c.jpg
the wall behind me said "the birth of the cool"... not quite sure I fit that description. but I did buy this hipster-y black beanie at a cool vintage shop in Budapest. So do I get cool points for that?
 photo buda1_zps359c18ea.jpg  photo IMG_8025_zpsd0184874.jpg  photo IMG_8004_zpsb5a3abd7.jpg
 photo IMG_8358_zps4f932915.jpg
^^ see what I mean about eclectic cafes? this is where we went to dinner on Valentine's day!
 photo IMG_8059_zpsce518639.jpg

it was a little blustery, it was a little cold, it was a lot of walking, but it was a perfect February weekend break! Valentines Day can kinda be the worst sometimes, so I was happy to have an adventure with good friends to keep me positive. exploring the world is what I love most at the moment, so it was a fitting valentine's weekend adventure.

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