Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Do Rad Stuff

Our mom has a tee shirt that says "do rad stuff" and although we always made fun of her, telling her that it really said "do BAD stuff", that saying somehow became the self-proclaimed motto of us tribal kids! We wanted to make the most of our winter break, we wanted to do sick things, have adventures and just "do RAD stuff". While packing in all these rad activities made for a busy winter break, I had a ridiculous amount of fun, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

// a day at the shooting range, a first for all of us! I wouldn't call us "gun-totting" kind of people, but we had a good time. It is a lot harder then it looks in the movies. But I did get THREE bulls-eyes my first time! Although, don't be too impressed, I have to admit that the target wasn't that far away..

// ice palace pics! yep you heard that right, we went to a palace built completely out of ICE. It was freezing cold and dark, but they had the coolest (no pun intended) lights and we managed to get a few pics. Also pda alert: those are my cute parents in the far right photo.

// rock climbing.. super rad, but a lot harder than I thought! I love climbing up small cliffs while hiking, so I thought I'd be a natural at these boulder walls. False. But I did get a nice workout and had a good time.

// getting my wisdom teeth out.. not so rad! But I made a super speedy recovery and a week later I was going out to dinner with friends and eating copious amounts of Mexican and Thai food.

// and the raddest activity of them all? SKIING of course. Powder was the name of the game this time around! So. much. snow. The powder skiing over winter break was amazing! Skiing through all those storms? Not so easy, but I love it anyway.

and thus concludes my Winter Break SLC posts.
more New York City posts coming at ya soon though!


  1. i can't wait to go to the ice palace! been dying to go!

    1. Definitely go when you get the chance! It is so cool!