Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Brooklyn Bridge // NYC

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I think I have an addiction... This is my second trip to NYC in six months!
I seriously love this city. Whenever I come home or return to my university in Switzerland I have to fly through JFK, so this time I just paid an extra $5 (steal of a deal!) and delayed my "layover in JFK" to four days of NYC fun! My twin wasn't able to come with last trip (but don't feel too bad for him, he was gallavanting across Europe at the time) so he, and our awesome mom, decided to accompany me to NYC this time for a final hurrah to Winter Break 2014. Last week I said my goodbyes to Utah friends/family and we caught a red eye flight from SLC---> JFK, so the morning of day one was spent napping.. but that evening we decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, a first for all of us. It was only a bit chilly (luckily the polar vortex was gone by the time we arrived!) and we loved it!
Highly recommend "must do" item for anyone visiting NYC in the near future. 

bridge collage photo bridgecollage_zps5d12fd43.jpg
// view of the city with the Manhattan skyscrapers disappering into the fog
// wooden slats on the bridge dating back to its construction in 1883
// the cutest little water tower there ever was
 photo IMG_7503_zps2b4c4620.jpg
^^ excuse the low quality iphone photo, but it wouldn't be a "winter break" post without a twin pic! ;)
 photo IMGP3784_zps67d95975.jpg
We started crossing the bridge at dusk so by the time we made it to the Brooklyn side it was already dark and the bridge was beautifully lit up! ^^

oh and tip for anyone walking the bridge: visit the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory near the waterfront on the Brooklyn side, their strawberry ice cream was DEVINE. I wish I had a pic, but that is a testament to how fast we devoured it (in spite of the cold weather!) it was that good.

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  1. i've never been to NYC (yet), but i can totally get it why people love and or in love with the city

    1. If you ever get the chance, definitely go! It is such a fun place.

  2. I miss NYC so much. My time there included some of my fondest memories. You've put me in a state of wanderlust for today ;)

    1. I can imagine, NYC seems to be a memory-making kind of place!