Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New York City, USA

I love adventures.. especially those of the well planned out kind! But New York City was not one of those trips. I can frequently be found at my computer in the wee hours of the night searching for deals on flights, reading about far flung places and planning my next trip. So it wasn't unusual when about a week prior I figured out that I could fly to New York for $5 on my skymiles alone. But the idea was so spontaneous + far fetched I didn't believe that it would ever happen. Thankfully I have a mother who is just as adventurous as me! And a few short days later we were on a flight to JFK. I am still pinching myself! The whole trip was so surreal that words fail me. So I have decided to let the photos speak for themselves.

❖  D A Y  O N E ❖

❖ D A Y   T W O ❖
A mega highlight of our trip! Seeing my good friend John whom I didn't expect to see for the next two years was such a treat!! It was well worth taking the 1 hr subway ride into "da hood". And in case you're wondering, he is so happy, loving the work and just the same old John Durham jassin around. 
then back to manhattan for this view  ⇡ of the NYC SKYLINE 
☼  &  ☽
« from the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller) »

❖ D A Y  T H R E E ❖
Early morning TRAIN CONCERT ON THE TODAY SHOW. Waking up at 6:00am was maybe worth it.. 


9/11 M E M O R I A L ⇡
The new World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) ⇣
It was a long line to get in but well worth the wait. The pools of water are aptly named "reflecting on absence".. The soft sound of falling water coupled with the hundreds of green trees lining the walkway provided an unusually peaceful space for contemplation. Seeing all the names of people who lost their lives on Sept 11, 2001 made the tragedy seem so real and so immediate. I highly recommend a visit if you are ever in NYC. I know I am planning on visiting again once the 9/11 museum opens on Ground Zero. 
⇿ View from our bike ride down along the shoreline ⇿
✓ Brooklyn Bridge 
✓ Shake Shack
✓ Statue of Liberty 

MANHATTAN though.. 
Then back to the apartment for a much needed nap followed by an evening treat... 
 5th row tickets to see WICKED on Broadway!
We just may be the last two people in the world to see it.. but well worth the wait!

The city that never sleeps.. NYC you've done it again! I'm sure we will be back soon! ✌

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