Monday, July 22, 2013

Cecret Lake Hike

Welcome to one of my favorite places in the entire world: Alta Ski Resort. And while you're at it, welcome one of my favorite people in the world: Andre Washington! ⤵  Best friend and debate partner extraordinare.
Fun Facts about Andre:
▷ He has a small scar on his forehead right between his eyebrows, just like Harry Potter!
▷ He loves a good cheeseburger + coke + fries combo
▷ He is nearly ambidextrous
▷ He is the best editor! and often proof reads my essays.
▷ He is a netflix addict (4-seasons-of-Hell's-Kitchen-in-1-week, what?)
▷ He is attending Westminster College in the fall
▷ And best of all, he indulges most (if not all!) of my adventurous whims and over the last few years has joined me on many a hiking + crafting + photographing + party-planning expeditions, just to name a few!
But now that those introductions are out of the way, let's get back to talking about this BEAUTIFUL hike! I confess: I first fell in love with autumn at Alta. I had never seen such beautiful fall foliage and I didn't think anything could beat that view. But shortly thereafter I fell in love with winter at Alta. The swirling snow combined with the rush of wind whipping at my face as I sped down the run.. I felt unstoppable and what could beat that? But now that I am finally discovering Alta in the summer, I think I may have a new favorite Alta season.. (or at least a tie!)! The way the mountain flowers flourish in the wild there and contribute pops of color to the blue + green mountain countryside? Exquisite.  
Plus, (besides being gorgeous) the Cecret Lake trail is also one of the easiest hikes around! The trail is only 1.2 miles each way and most of it is not too steep. While hiking we saw many young children + families making their ascent to the lake as well. And I can see why.. the emerald pools + rocky terrain were well worth the hike. 
❖ C E C R E T   L A K E ❖
So why is this rambling post about hiking a trail at Alta dedicated to Andre? Well unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to this buddy of mine on Saturday and won't be seeing him again until December 15th. So that is probably why I am feeling sentimental. But let's look on the bright side, it is only a mere 146 days away + I am sure the days apart will be filled with many skypes, whats app's, and facebooks. Speaking of which, write me a postcard you jerk! And be sure to enjoy your first year of college.. or should I say " enjoy the ride".. (was that too cheesy? probably.. sorry not sorry!)

" Great things are done when men and mountains meet "
➣ William Blake 

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