Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2 Weeks of Year 2

And then before I knew it the summer was over, I said my goodbyes and I was on another plane to JFK..

But it wasn't all tears + goodbyes. The stars aligned to give me the best American send off yet! I didn't have to pay for baggage that was five pounds too heavy becuase the Delta employee sympathized with my plight as a student + in JFK there was a Shake Shack (best NYC burger!) right next to my gate + I got a rootbeer float (my favorite American treat). Living the dream! 
also by coincidence you can see "AMERICA" in the bottom right...

And then a mere 8 hours later ⇢ sunrise over Milan, Italy 

day one in Lugano = conquering jet lag while lounging at the beach with friends

adventure #1: Monte Tamero, home to the friendliest cows around! 
Also at Monte Tamero ⇡ an alpine coaster (so fast!) + a funicular + ziplines

✥ Lugano & Lago Lugano ✥ 

Cathedral Saint Lorenzo ⇅

Another Lugano favorite of mine: The newspaper tunnel under the train station. Fortunately I get to pass through whenever I am headed downtown for groceries, and every few months a new character is added to these walls, so it keeps things interesting! ⇅

The cutest little floral shop downtown

But really.. I will always stand by my statement that Lugnao is a summer kind of city. Warm weather suits it best. Check out those piazzas, that fountain, the lake. And don't forget to seize the opportunity for paddle boating/ swimming in the cold water on a hot summer afternoon. 
These first two weeks have absolutely flown by! I am so happy to be back in my home away from home. Moreover, I am grateful for the job I have working at orientation for Franklin. It has been a perfect way to transition back from Salt Lake to Lugano. Of course I am also grateful for all my family+friends back home whom made this summer an incredible one (more on that in an upcoming post!) One year ago I arrived uncertain, insecure, and confused. Now I confidently walk the streets of Lugano. I am at ease with my surrounding, and overwhelmingly appreciative of the beauty I get to experience on a daily basis. So that being said, I am committed to maintaining a positive attitude through the ups + downs of living in a foreign country thousands of miles away from home, I am committed to making this year the best one yet! So here it goes, the beginning of a new chapter of adventures.. Thanks for following along with me! 

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