Sunday, August 25, 2013

Concert Fever

Despite working long hours over the last two weeks as an orientation mentor for Franklin, coming back to Lugano has been a bit of a "break" for me. Being at home this summer was incredibly fun, but also incredibly busy. I feel like I packed three summer's worth of activities into one. So bear with me as I throw it back to last May and recount the beginning of my adventures with Summer 2013.
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A mere day (yes, ONE day!) after I got off the plane I was nearly front & center at the Imagine Dragons concert. I was jetlagged out of my mind but the concert was insanely fun. I was so stoked to see one of my favorite bands perform live. Sad moment: I took a few videos but we were so close to the speakers that the bass is ridiculously overwhelming. But the silver lining to the poor audio quality on the videos is that you can actually see a  few ripples of sound go through the air.. sick! The concert was definitely a jump-around-on-your-feet kind of event. A perfect way to kick off a crazy summer.
« other favorite songs: On Top of the World + Radioactive + It's Time + Demons »

◇  Concert #2: Vampire Weekend  ◇

Literally the day after Imagine Dragons (now 2 days post-Switzerland) I went to the Vampire Weekend concert! Thats right, back to back concerts for the win!! Luckily the Vampire Weekend concert was in Red Butte Gardens, a more laid-back outdoors venue where I battled jet lag just chilled as we listened to the majority of the concert on a grassy knoll. For a few of my favorite songs we made our way up front and joined the fray in front of the stage which is my favorite place to be.
« other favorite songs: Giving up the Gun + Horchata + Everlasting Arms 

◇ Concert #3: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros ◇ 

Two weeks later we were at Red Butte Gardens again for another concert. This time, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. Are you aware that there are SEVENTEEN people in this band? Because I had no idea and was so beyond confused when there were like 20 people on stage! It kind of was a bit of a hippie circus at times, but overall enjoyable. Like I said ^^^^ for the Vampire Weekend concert, I love this venue because of how laid back it is. For the better part of the concert I was lounging on a picnic blanket with my friends eating a baguette dipped in olive oil/basalmic, enjoying strawberries and salted dark chocolate (my favorite!) So I'd be amiss if I complained.
« other favorite songs: 40 day dream +  Janglin '»

And that concludes the concert section (aka part one) of my summer adventures in SLC!! More to follow soon, xoxo

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  1. Summer 2013....A summer for concerts...A perfect summer for OneBigCrazyFam!