Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sailing the Great Salt Lake

A few weeks ago my family & I had the amazing opportunity to sail on a massive (36ft) sailboat on the Great Salt Lake. I had never been to the Great Salt Lake nevertheless sailing! So it was quite the experience for me! I couldn't have wished for a better afternoon. The sun was out, the sky was blue, and the breeze was steady. Perfect sailing conditions.
A few members of the "tribe" ⇡ on the marina dock. Ready to sail! 
" Adventure is out there" 
Fun facts about the Great Salt Lake: 
➾ It is the largest naturally occurring lake west of the Mississippi River. (75 miles long + 35 miles wide)
➾ Renowned naturalist John Muir called it "one of the great views on the American continent" 
➾ At 5%-25% {depending on water levels} the lake is far saltier than sea water (3.5%) and called "America's Dead Sea" for its high salinity (largest salt water lake in the western hemisphere) 
➾ The high salt levels generates so much buoyancy that you float instead of sink in the water 
➾ There is supposedly a sea monster that lives on the North Shore.. last spotted in 1877. 
➾ It is the last remnant of an Ice Age lake which spanned most of Utah 30,000+ years ago
My cute parents ⇡ and just a portion of our massive sail
Given the opportunity again, I would go sailing in an instant. Sailing is so different from the "boating" I know and am accustomed to. The slower pace of sailing allows for more conversation, more sunbathing, more adventure and less stress. I truly believe the key to life is to enjoy the ride (hence my blog title) but I also am a fan of seeking out adventure. And I love that I don't have to travel across the world to do that. Even in Salt Lake there are some pretty cool activities to be done + beautiful places to see. And I highly recommend sailing on the great salt lake as one of those activities! 

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