Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bern, Switzerland

Time for another catch-up post! This time I am throwing it all the way back to May when I took my last spontaneous Swiss day trip of the year to BERN. Home of the Bärenplatz + Bärengrabben + Zytglogge and in (you guessed it) the German-speaking region of Switzerland!

▷ The view out my window as I rode on the train through the Swiss Alps to reach Bern
▷ Seeing the famous clock show in the main square as the clock struck 3pm. There was a song + some drums + some bears + an old king.
▷Visiting the flat at 49 Kramgasse (aka Einsteinhaus) where Albert Einstein lived from 1903 - 1905 and invented the Theory of Relativity
▷ Exploring the capitol of Switzerland!!

Snagged these babies during the 15min train switch in Luzern. That train station has the most delicious 
M A C A R O N S . Which you may remember from this post. 
Walking the beautiful Old Town Bern + the river Aare
▵▵ Best view of the city, the Rosengarten of Bern

Main street with all the different canton's flags
Built in 1220 the Zytglogge (aka clock tower) The clock tells the time as well as the month, day, sign of the zodiac and phase of the moon. 
Final Stop: The Federal Palace of Switzerland (aka Bundeshaus) home of the Swiss parliament + representative government. A fitting final day-trip for my time in Switzerland as Swiss government is highly unique (They have a 7 member rotating presidency!) But I'll save that for another post! 

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