Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Europe (Year One) In Numbers

Let me begin this post by expressing how grateful I am for the travel opportunities I have as a student at Franklin College! I am sure you all know by now how much I love exploring new places. But what I think many people forget is that for every picture of me in front of a cathedral or wandering narrow city streets in a foreign land, I have spent many long hours traveling to get there. And more often than not, a less direct route to my destination is the cheapest.. So that being said, I decided the other day to try and quantify my travels over the last academic year.. and this is the result! Europe by the numbers!  
Trains: 44
Bus Rides: 26
Subways: 14 
Airplanes: 12
Car Rides: 11
Funiculars: 4
Camels: 2 
note: I only counted train + car rides that were more than 1 hour in duration. 
Hotels: 10
Homes: 3 
Hostels: 2
Cabins: 1
Tents: 1
Churches: 24 
Museums: 11
Cities: 27 
Countries: 11
Continents: 3
Miles in Europe: 12,766 
Total Miles (includes flights to/from US): 34,634 
and of course.. 1 incredible year of experiences!

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