Saturday, November 29, 2014

Iceland // Reykjavik

The entire city of Reykjavik has around 100,000 residents, which is pretty small for a capitol city, but massive for Iceland! 1/3 of the entire population lives here! What really astounded me though was how hip the entire city was. It didn't feel like a small city at all, it felt like a thriving, cosmopolitan, artistic metropolis! I just didn't expect it! I am really glad that we spent the last portion of our trip here, because I think it really would have distorted my perceptions of Iceland if we had started here. It just is so different from the rest of the country! But, I am glad we had a few days to experience it.

Also, a note about that lighthouse: I hiked up to the top with a few other students and the view was beautiful, but it was so windy that we literally could lean backwards and not fall because the wind was supporting was. crazy!
I spent one morning on that couch journaling and sipping a cup of tea in the loft of this place we were staying at. It was perfectly cozy and chill. 
You can't see it, but the text to the right of the tiger says "No, Rules!"
I thought for a long time about buying this photo print of the Eyjafjallaj√∂kull eruption, but I ended up passing. It's pretty dope though, right? 


The church in Reykjavik is one part creepy one part cool! It is really unique, which makes it cool. But it also looks a little bit like a villain's headquarters, and it casts a creepy shadow over the whole city.. 
my favorite mural, feat. my favorite souvenir from this trip: that tote bag! As an environmental science major I appreciate the dramatic statement! 
the view from a geothermal plant we toured. fun fact: Iceland's electricity is 99% powered by renewable energy like geothermal! Go iceland!
also toured a fish head drying plant, apparently it is a booming export to Nigeria and a sustainable way of limiting waste by using all parts of the fish, win win!  
the coast near the lighthouse 
And then I can't talk about Reykjavik without talking about THIS (^^). The world's best, most life changing carrot cake. It seriously was so divine that it took me an hour to eat it! It also was organic and vegan, I don't understand how a human could possibly make something so delicious! I don't even usually like carrot cake, but I probably will be talking about this little pot of carrot cake goodness for the rest of my life. 

and on that note, Reykjavik! 
one more Iceland post coming your way soon! 


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  1. Awesome! I've always wanted to go to Iceland, and I've heard the city is pretty hipster. :) Great photos!