Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Iceland // Green

Ready for another round of Iceland photos?! 

I sure am! 

There isn't too much greenery in Iceland, but we did get to tour this tomato greenhouse which was AMAZING. It is owned by the cutest family and we got to talk with the father all about their growing system. In most countries it wouldn't make sense to grow so much produce in greenhouses, but in Iceland they have an abundance of heat and energy from geothermal sources so it is pretty eco friendly and actually a good solution for them! This greenhouse is also entirely organic so it was really interesting to talk with them about their soil, biological pest control, and the bees they use for pollination. 
Then to top it all off they made us tomato soup (from their tomatoes!) and some really delicious bread for lunch! And the plants on the table? They were basil and came with tiny scissors to cut off fresh basil to add to your soup! This whole place was pinterest perfect. 
We also got to visit Geysir which is a geyser (no surprises there) and is the namesake for all other geysers! It erupts spectacularly about every 5 min. It was SO COLD and windy while standing there that I barely got any photos, my hands were too numb! 
Icelandic horses are unique in several ways but the most prominent being their unique gait called the tölt I am not sure why but it seems a little comical to me! we got to visit the stables though and pet some of the horses and then see a demonstration by a professional rider which was great. 
[ps click HERE to see the tölt, you won't be disappointed!]
A sunset from where the Eurasian and North American plates meet. And maybe one of my favorite photos of me ever. Sunset! Plate tectonics! Geology! 
And now for some Antarctica photos! 
seriously there was this portion of our drive from the northern fjords down to southern Iceland where I honestly felt like we could've been in the arctic! It was just so vast and white and empty. It is impossible to capture the vastness of it in a photo though. 
And just to round out this semi-eclectic post: a rainbow display of warm wool socks! because wool socks were literally sold at every single gas station and store we stopped at. Necessities man! 

I've still got a a few hundred more photos to sort through, so keep an eye out for even more forthcoming posts. 



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