Friday, September 12, 2014


We had a rather unfortunate family photo experience last winter..
Long story short: we took our christmas card photos mid-december with the assurance the proofs would be done by December 20th. Then our photographer went MIA and we had to threaten legal action before she finally gave us the photos at the end of JANUARY.

Sometimes I wonder if this family can do anything normal to save our lives!

And what's worse, the quality of the photos we fought so hard to get were mediocre, at best.. So this summer I took charge, designed a color palette, helped pick out outfits and now we finally have an official photo with all 12 of us in it! Something we actually didn't have before.

To get 12 people looking at 1 camera, not slouching and not making any weird faces was near impossible! But somehow we made it happen. Our poor photographer was balancing on a rock in the river while we got our act together.

There are some days when I wonder if my dad is the happiest man alive! Love these two so much! 

The bros! please excuse Liam's jedi braid peaking out from behind his ear.. he's a teenage boy, so of course he thinks it's the coolest. 

The girls! Although I kinda feel like I got left out of the "light haired sisters" club! 

Click below to keeping reading and see some individual photos! 

I laugh everytime I look at this photo!! We had some more formal options for Everett, but this candid photo completely captures his personality! He is a little bit odd, but HILARIOUS and so smart! 

she won a baby photo contest when she was little, not surprised. 
I think I spy a slight pyro glint in his eye... ;) 

last family photo for Bren for two years :( 

Is anyone ever satisfied with a photo of themselves? 

Our photography crew was so awesome that instead of bolting the second we were done, us kids volunteered to take even more photos! Crazy, I know! 

Love this mega family of mine! Sure, sometimes we fight and scream. Sometimes we dream of a few minutes of peace/calm. And we ALL have contemplated running away, at one point or another. But we love each other enough that we've committed to making it work. 

And while we have to work hard at it every day, I think that having a close knit family is a pretty special thing.. 
xx Jess

PS we used Faces Photography, we love Chad! He is the best to work with and if you live in Utah I'd highly recommend them! 


  1. I didn't know you had nine siblings!! That's awesome!

  2. This was one of our greatest accomplishments over the summer! Thank you for the outfit coordination...SPECTACULAR!
    And yes, even Dad and I have contemplated running away ;)
    And yes, Dad is the happiest person I know.
    Our family is our greatest source of happiness and contentment...we run this TRIBE xo