Saturday, September 20, 2014

J5 & Franti

The thing about summer is that you have to go to at least one concert, otherwise it's not complete!

I'm pretty sure this is a scientific fact.

Luckily, between June and July, I made it to two concerts that were equally incredible in different ways. First, MICHAEL FRANTI. The best live performer in the whole entire world.

His tour included a yoga session beforehand and he was just so down to earth. I know that people say that all the time, but in the case of Michael Franti, it is so true! He doesn't travel with an entourage, he loves interacting with people, he was super humble and he uses his music to promote worthy causes. What a guy! 
Favorite songs? 11:59 and HEY HEY HEY (click to hear them!) But my true favorite was a song that he wrote for his son Ade. It isn't officially recorded yet, so it doesn't have a name, but I found a YouTube clip of a live performance of it HERE. No where near as good as it is in person, but the youtube video still gives me chills.

Next concert, the living legends, Jurassic 5!! 

The night was so crazy I am still kind of in disbelief that it happened! Somehow we managed to score a place in the front row!! And the whole show far exceeded any of my expectations. 
CHALI 2NA! The sickest MC alive. After the show he came out to the crowd and he autographed my ticket for me! As we walked away from the venue I was freaking out about it. Let's be real, I'm still freaking out about it.

oh and the opening act, MC Supernatural, destroyed!! He is hands down the best freestyle rapper I've ever heard! As part of his act was he asked everyone to just pass him up random items from their pockets and he'd incorporate them into his rap. Lyrical genius! No one even comes close to his skill.

These guys killed it!! 

This concert was hands down one of my top 5 favorite moments from this summer. 

Fist pumping in the air, bouncing up and down, surrounded by my friends,  we were young and alive! 

Then their finale WHAT'S GOLDEN just blew it out of the park! It is my favorite J5 song and the best way they could've ended the show. Akil, one of the MC's, even hopped into the crowd right next to me and I have a video of the whole thing that I think I might just treasure forever!

 ... or should I say J5ever?! 

ok yep, that was even cornier than I thought it'd be. 


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