Monday, January 13, 2014


Meet my second home: Alta Ski Resort
aka #thebestever
Out of the 29 days I have been home, I have managed to clock in TEN solid ski days amid a wisdom teeth surgery, multiple family parties, and a weekend trip. So I am pretttyyyy proud. I have only been skiing for three years, so I am no expert! But this year was so much fun!! And really the first year where I feel like I have improved my technique while still having a good time!
Plus, we have had a few awesome storms and some serious powder days!

photo 1 photo image1_zpse302f77d.jpg
photo 2 photo image2_zpsc9641a2a.jpg  photo image9_zpsc8889a42.jpg
the twins go skiing
photo 3 photo image3_zps19264b13.jpg photo 5 photo image5_zps31046504.jpg
i do my own stunts (^^) which is to say that I end up looking like this 75% of the time I am skiing.
 photo image10_zps86fcf4d1.jpg
And only sometimes do I look like I, just might, have a clue about what to do (^^)

I am seriously bummed that the ski season is already over for me. I am hopping on a flight tomorrow evening. But, I am also stoked because I have one last winter break adventure before school begins again; New York City 2014 with the twin and mom! I just have to get packed now..


  1. I'm kind of jealous, I've only been skiing once when I was a kid but it was awesome. It's such an expensive habit though!

    belle + compass

    1. I for sure wish it was less expensive! But luckily I can get some good student deals still.

  2. I love skiing! I worked at a resort in college where I got to ski for free! This looks like a great place!