Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Postonja, Slovenia

On our way back to Lugano we stopped overnight in a tiny town in Slovenia. I thought it would be my least favorite stop of Academic Travel, but seriously it was THRILLING. I forgot how much caves play into my sense of adventure. I actually have long had a love of spelunking. It all began when I was in 6th grade; we took a class weekend trip to a giant cave in the middle of rural Wisconsin. We were given free roam and allowed to explore anywhere we wanted for hours on end. It was the best. We dind't get to explore this cave in Slovenia so freely, but that is probably because it is the largest in Europe, over 20km long! We had to take the train halfway through the cave before we even began our walking tour. And that train? SO FUN. I expected it to go pretty slowly but, it was speeding around tight cave corners like nobody's business!  With the wind whipping at my hair, it felt like we were on a roller coaster. Really though. It all was very "Gringotts"..  only minus the goblins and the bank vaults. But we did see albino salamanders that are supposedly baby dragons, so that is kind of close, right?

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