Friday, October 18, 2013

Zagreb, Croatia

Apparently there was a sale on yellow paint? 
Zagreb is the capitol city of Croatia and much more metropolitan than Ljublijana (the previous stop). I  particularly loved the dozens of quaint coffee bars that lined the streets. There also was an abudence of beautiful outdoor seating with warm couches and heat lamps. Perfect for enjoying an evening cup of hot chocolate! Moreover, there was tons to explore! But one of the highlights for me will always be when we were on our walking tour and the tour guide told us we all needed to plug our ears because they were about to fire off a canon above our heads. (?!) I tried to film it, but the tour guide said it would be too loud and made me plug my ears. You know, just your typical noontime cannon #EasternEuropeProblems 

Loving academic travel so far! I was in Serbia yesterday and now I am in Bosnia for a few days, so more posts to come in the near future! 

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