Tuesday, October 15, 2013

You're Going to Hear Me Roar

A quick update on my Academic Travel #3 adventures! I am currently in Zagreb, Croatia and headed to Belgrade, Serbia. We already had one traumatic border crossing (45+min at the border between Croatia/Slovenia we all had to get out and walk across the border having our passports checked on both sides) So wish me luck crossing the Serbia/Croatia border tomorrow! These two countries were at war with each other less than ten years ago.. so we will see how it goes! For the purposes of this post though, welcome to Ljubljana, capitol of Slovenia (not Slovakia!) and home  dragons, castles, and pillow menus. But really. You could order your preference of pillow at our hotel off of a menu AND the city emblem is a dragon. Why? Because Slovenia is down.

Confession: I only enrolled in this trip because I wanted to see the Croatian coast. But turns out that I love SLOVENIA! My only question is, when can I come back to Ljubljana? I was surprised at how clean, colorful, and quaint the city was! According to google translate, the Slovenian word for "love" is " Ljubezen" notice the "L-J-U-B" in the beginning? I think there just might be a connection between the word for "love" and Ljublijana.. makes sense to me! Full blog post on academic travel will be up in the coming weeks, but for now, stay posted for more quick photo updates! xoxo 

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