Sunday, September 8, 2013

Life Lately in the Commune

Little known fact about my life in Switzerland: I live in a commune. 
Don't worry this is no '70s-flower-child-free-love commune, this is "Commune di Sorengo." In Switzerland communes are a subset of cities, kind of like neighborhoods in the US, but more official. For instance when I get mail it is addressed to "Sorengo" not "Lugano" and each commune has their own specific rules, coat of arms, etc. Which is pretty crazy considering how small communes are! Sorengo is only .33 sq miles and I can easily walk through four of the surrounding communes in an hour. WhenI go for a run it is through the commune Muzzano and back, for grocery shopping I go into Lugano, and for my job I walk to commune Collina d'Oro.  I absolutely love walking through Sorengo and if you follow me on instagram you know that I am taking time this week to appreciate "the little things" so I set out one afternoon to soak in the summer sun and document the scenes I see everyday but rarely take the time to appreciate and this was the result: 
There is a monastery behind my dorm that has the best view of Lake Lugano, I love walking up there when I want to just sit and enjoy the view. 
And some more snippets & tidbits of life around here ^
◇ Vineyards  ◇ Blues to Bop music fest  ◇ Chocolate Granola 
◇ The Swiss Miss braid  ◇ Moms  ◇ An Organized Closet 

Happy Weekend! T-minus 4 days until Bri/Mom/Dad arrive. Can't wait!!

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