Friday, September 27, 2013

A Weekend in Paris

"Paris is always a good idea" -- Audrey Hepburn
When I visited Paris for the first time nearly a year ago (October 2012) I never imagined I would have the opportunity to come back again so soon. But (you'd think I learn by now to expect the unexpected) indeed the stars aligned and next thing I knew I was in Paris with my parents and sister! What a dream come true to be back in Paris AND have them visiting me! Special shout out to Brianna who's undying love for Paris [a city she had never visited] lead us to plan a weekend trip here. Also, shoutout to AirFrance for having a direct flight to Paris from Salt Lake, im still jealous about that one! But I am happy to report that we had the best time together and our rainy weekend in Paris was the perfect way to start our European adventure. 
View from our apartment in the Marais neighborhood. Notre Dame was a 8 min walk down the street and the Pompidou museum was just around the corner. 'ideal location' is an understatement.

Eiffel Tower                                   Latin Quarter                        Notre Dame 

My family can testify that the most excited I got the whole trip was when I saw the Laudree store! I drew in a big gasp, pointed across the street and bee-lined. Best macaroons in the whole world. And that is a fact. 
Notre Dame turns 800 this year ^^

A warm Autumn night in Paris calls for a boat cruise down the Seine.. eiffel tower pics (below) plus bubbles in the night sky (middle pic) for fashion week. 

○  Metro ○  french bakery ○  Notre Dame ○  St Michel  ○  mother & daughters  ○  nutella + crepes 
○  the Louvre  ○  Arc du Triomphe  ○ Eiffel Tower + carousel 

The 'idyllic sidewalk cafe' in Paris is a dime a dozen. Omnipotently stationed on every street corner these charming cafes serve a full menu + beverages + offer a great vantage point for people watching. 
Haagen Daaz // chocolate chaud // croquet // tartes aux fruits // croissant // french onion soup

INCEPTION Bridge. Yes, you heard that right. I stood on the same ground as Leonardo di Caprio! It may not have been on my Bucketlist, but it certainly is now! And with a big check next to it! I love Leo's character in this movie, I love the scene which was filmed on the bridge, I love the ending! Really, I just love the whole movie! So happy we got to see this. ps the bridge (in real life) is known as the Bir Hakeim bridge. 

And then all too soon we had to leave.. But luckily our flight departed in the late afternoon, so we spent our last few hours in Paris at the Louvre exploring the Italian paintings wing (hey Mona Lisa!), wandering through Napoleon's lavishly decorated apartments, admiring the brand new Islamic art exhibit and much more. We even got to see a peak of blue sky for the first time in our whole Paris trip. That has got to be a good omen or something! :)

J'aime Paris & au revoir! 
next stop with the family: Lugano, Switzerland 

ps you can read about the last time I went to Paris in October 2012 here 

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