Saturday, June 23, 2012

Diy: Hair Wrap Headphones

Lately I have been obsessed with embroidery floss crafts so when I found this image (above) on Pinterest I knew I had to give it a try! The only instructions that came with the image were to try the Chinese Staircase bracelet design, so I made my own tutorial

Supplies: scissors, embroidery floss (I chose 4 colors with 10yards each) and item(s) to be wrapped. Keep in mind that you want to have 3x the amount of floss as the length of your item.

STEP ONE: measure out about 5 yards of string in each color

note: I ended up using the full 10 yards in each color. I didn't mind tying a few knots in the string to elongate it as I went a long because it kept the amount of string I was dealing with manageable but if you prefer you can skip the cutting step and just work with the full 10 yards in each color at once

STEP TWO: knot the 4 colors at the end of the cord 

STEP THREE:(super simple) make a 4 with the color of string you want to use first. Then pull the end of the string under the cord and through the 4 making a knot! It should look something like this...
tip: Pull the short ends of the string down so that they are in line with the cord and be sure to wrap them up so that they don't stick out. 

STEP FOUR: Don't give up! You are just going to repeat step three hundreds of times in order to completely wrap the cord. To achieve the spiral effect all you have to do is line up your knots so that they curve. It is a time intensive process but its something that you can do while watching TV. Personally I sat and watched a few episodes of The Office and Arrested Development. 
Here I am at 30min, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, and 2.5 hours

STEP FIVE: When you get to the split for the headphones you are going to repeat step one. Once again make sure that you tuck the ends in like so (pic below) and wrap around them. 

STEP SIX: When you reach the end of the headphones make a tight double knot with the remaining string,  cut off the dangling ends, and use a dab of glue to secure whatever little flyaways there may be.
AND VOILA! You have a beautiful, one of a kind pair of headphones!! 

Keep checking the blog for more embroidery floss crafts I have on my to do list this summer! 


  1. Totally doing this!

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