Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

On Monday I returned from a week long adventure on Isla Mujeres in Mexico. It was the best senior trip a girl could ask for! Here is my Top Ten Adventures list:

(1) Napping on a beach cabana everyday

(2) The view from our balcony

(3) Swimming with Whale Sharks

(4) Swimming with a Giant Manta Ray
(5) The beautiful island flowers

(6) Exploring the downtown

(7) Iguana Island

(8) Kissing a manatee

(9) Spanglish

(10) Snorkeling in crystal clear waters

The three biggest reasons I would recommend a stay on Isla Mujeres: It is a safe part of Mexico, It isn't as "touristy" as Cancun we had many opportunities to interact with the locals, and the natural beauty is abundant. Visit it if you ever get a chance and be sure to go during Whale Shark season.

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