Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Malaga, Spain

My very last Spain post! 
We concluded our trip in Malaga. A beachside town that was sunny, but unfortunately with a bitter cold wind blowing through, not much sun bathing going on. 
Our hotel was right on the beach and the first thing I noticed was these crazy sand castles that I was sure were permanent installations made out of cement and there to trick tourists. 
But they were totally REAL! As I walked along the beach during the few days we were there I saw them being destroyed and new ones constructed, 100% sand. 
check out this Last Supper rendition! 
super cool selfie to show off my new Zara scarf and turquoise (5 euro) ring. 

Dying of laughter about these prawns (?) who looked like they were chilling in a paella hot tub ^  
I like long walks on deserted (vaguely dystopian) beaches 
Got me so excited for my graduation trip in May to Morocco  ^^ 
Got the whole beach to myself! 
The back of the Picasso Museum in Malaga! Picasso's hometown was Malaga and he specifically requested that a museum for his work be established there. So his family donated many of his more personal works there. It was really cool to visit it and learn more about his personal life and his artworks. 
My Picasso purchase. One of his lesser known sketches that I fell in love with. 
So crazy and intricate! On day 1 this was just 1 castle but every day I watched the guy add more components to this miniature world. 
Haggled for this leather backpack in the market, (20 euros down from 50, so its obviously made in china, haha) and it's been a loyal travel companion ever since! 

Spain, you were beautiful and oh so romantic, but on to the city of lights! 
From Malaga I took a 6am flight to Paris! 
Next stop: A weekend in Paris with Andre!

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