Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fall / Winter Roundup

Before I move on to talking about my most recent travels during my last semester here at Franklin, I want to wrap up 2015! Since I'm so behind on blogging, this post is going to cover October, November, December AND January!
So get ready!

I spent last Fall at home in Salt Lake attending the University of Utah and working for 3Degrees, in partnership with Rocky Mountain Power, on their Blue Sky Renewable Energy Program. I wasn't planning on being home for the Fall semester, but I am SO glad I was. I needed that time with my family and I had some more (new) health problems -- this time with migraines -- that I needed professional help with. It would have been impossible (not to mention so much more stressful) for me to get the help I needed if I was back in Switzerland. Plus I got to hang out with my family for a few extra months, so that was nice too!

Sorting through all of those months of photos and picking out my favorites was actually hysterical.  I was (literally) laughing out loud at how many photos I had of our dog Zoe. Apparently we spent a lot of time together during those months! So it feels appropriate to start the post with a photo of me and Zoe in Liberty Park! I remember that I was trying to get her to look at the camera, but her attention was riveted on the geese at the pond's edge that she was about to run after! She is so tiny but the geese (which are 5x bigger than her) are terrified of her and she LOVED it!
Beautiful sunset hikes in the terraces above Salt Lake! 
Utah ain't so bad! ;)
My hiking fam ^^ 
^^ semi-awkward pic but I have to document the day that I got my hair cut the shortest it has been since I was probably 8 years old? I didn't tell anyone I was doing it, and when Marissa came to pick me up she said, "was that on purpose..?" and then when I got home Everett immediately says " OH NOOOOOO" hahaha, I like it though! I needed a change after having such long hair in high school and my first two years of college. It has been progressively getting shorter, but this was the big chop! 
I swear Zoe begs to be carried around like this. What a diva!
Grams and me on Halloween! I was a gold star (if you couldn't tell!) and she was a witch! Maxwell was an astronaut, so my star kind of went with his theme. 
We carved some dope pumpkins this year!! Mine are the two faces looking at each other and the moon with the bats (to the left of the faces). 
Ev got major ear surgery right before Halloween so I suggested that he should be van gogh! The resemblance is striking! 
Liberty Park in the fall is the prettiest! 
ZOE being adorable, playing chase with that ball in the kitchen was my nightly workout! She always seemed to get super feisty and playful at about 9:30pm! haha 
Ev and I at brunch at The Park Cafe (so good!) This was also his bribe to be good for his ear surgery and appointments! 
Mom and me at the Natural History Museum Gala ^^
Ev admiring his cookies ^^ 
I swear she thinks she's a human ^^
This is when we put on our matching scarfs so that we can brave the chilly weather and go get hot chocolate at Ev's new addiction, The Coffee Garden. Ev always offers to pay for mine :)
Waiting with Max at the bus stop, that kid's got flair. 
Zoe is not a morning person
Meeting my hero!!! Naomi Klein! 
Live nativity in the glenn! 
BFF christmas card
It snowed so much one day they canceled school and we went sledding! 
This was a different day, but I was laughing so hard when I looked out the window and saw Maxwell laying dejectedly in the snow. 
Zoe. Again. I have a problem. 
Getting some major air sledding! 
We spent so many nights like this on the couch! Ev, Max, Dad, Zoe and I went on a pretty big Star Wars and Clone Wars spree! 
8am Christmas Morning 2015! 
ALTA, our happy place! Fresh mountain air, soft powder and blue skies! 
And this is from when ALL of us gave talks in church one Sunday, Ev took my phone and decided that we should take a covert selfie from the pulpit. Love that guilty smile he has, haha. 

Big kisses Salt Lake, I miss you and the whole tribe! 

And thus concludes my four month roundup of fall/winter in Salt Lake! 

On to Switzerland! 

xx Jess 

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