Monday, November 16, 2015


Whoa, where does the time go! 

I loved this October. 

For the last few years this month has symbolized Academic Travel for me, and this year I got to go on a week long adventure to Cuba (post coming at you soon!) but for the first time in a long time I really got to embrace the typical American October-y things of pumpkin pie spice flavored everything, halloween (next post), crisp fall leaves, and it was just a generally festive month! 

I finally got why people like October! 

The last farmer's market was so bitter sweet! Can't wait till next season! 

Way to go Dad! He won a Utah Healthcare Hero award for his work in Medical Volunteerism! 
And we got to accompany him to a fancy schmancy awards luncheon at the Grand America 

Girl's Night Thai food extravaganza ^^ 
Oh little Zoe's 'fang' got stuck haha 
And our last CSA haul of the season included an extra box entirely filled with fresh-from-the-orchard granny smith apples! 
They were delicious and I've loved getting a box of local fruits and veggies every week, hopefully my family decides to sign up for it again next year! 

Some new books to add to my shelf! I'll have to do a book post sometime soon, I have so many recommendations! 

Just in case you were wondering what my heart beat looks like. It's unusually fast, but steady, so it's all good! 

Tibetan monks completing a sand mandala at the World Parliament of Religions
Fall is in the air at Liberty Park! 
Poor Zoe getting her weekly bath and looking like hideous rat.. haha 
And then only looking a little less in pain when we make her put on these cute flannel pajamas with a little bum flap! haha, she'll learn to love them I'm sure! ;) 
More picture's of October to come soon in a few posts about Cuba and Halloween! 

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  1. The screw tape letters is one of the most interesting/profound books I've ever read!