Saturday, January 24, 2015

Welcome to paradise

For my parents 25th wedding anniversary they decided to go to Hawaii for a week at the beginning of January, and somehow I finagled a spot for myself and Pelle on this trip too! High-five! 

I knew spending a week on a tropical island would be a good time,  but I underestimated how much the salty breeze and warm air would brighten my soul. Truly paradise! 

I would love nothing more than to spend a week in Hawaii every January! 
Usually when I travel I stay in Airbnb apartments or bed & breakfasts, but this time, since I was with my family, we stayed at the Hilton Waikoloa Village resort. It was massive, even with a week, we barely saw some parts of the resort. So many pools, so much ocean, so little time! 
ps hotdogs or legs (^^) 
The view from our hotel room (^^) ! 
I loved walking around the resort, and along the ocean to watch the sunset every evening.
Relaxation nation up in here! 
Happy 25th anniversary mom and dad! Thanks for letting me tag along! 

A billion more Hawaii photos soon to come! 



  1. Ahh I have stayed here with my family before! Such a beautiful place. We spent most of our time relaxing by the lagoon... and of course playing mini golf! :)

  2. Your parents are too nice! My husband's parents took him and his siblings along on their 25th anniversary trip to Hawaii when we were in high school, and I told him we will NEVER bring any of our kids to ours haha. ;)