Friday, December 12, 2014

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I had the greatest Thanksgiving weekend here! It is everything you could want in a city: cosmopolitan, delicious food, bikes EVERYWHERE, so many cute families, beautiful architecture, and a rich history! 
Hands down, Amsterdam easily makes my Top 3 European cities list! 
Staying in the Jordaan neighborhood was PERFECT and truly made the trip! It was centrally located, but quaint, with trendy cafes on every corner. We did Airbnb (as per the usual) and I loved the loft area of the apartment (pictured above) where I slept. 
Boat canal tour after a rainy morning was definitely a highlight! All the canals are ridiculously photogenic.
The best apple pie at Winkel 43, Amsterdam is actually quiet famous for their apple pie! So even though I missed out on a traditional turkey meal, I was deadset on having some apple pie on Thanksgiving! 

I recently watched The Fault in Our Stars on the airplane to Iceland, anyone else remember that tear jerker canal bench scene?
More people bike to work than drive to work in Amsterdam! There are literally thousands upon thousands of bikes in Amsterdam, it is crazy! And so cool! 
Having a           good time! ;)
F L O W E R  M A R K E T 
Our last day we ventured into another residential neighborhood on the otherside of town and went to lunch at the coolest place! It is an old church turned into an Arab restaurant! It was delicious and right outside there was a farmers market selling tons of produce and fresh squeezed juices.  
And this is not the best picture, but the view from my window seat that day was UNREAL! The snow capped mountain tops above the cloud line were stunning. 

Overall, if you can't tell from my overzealous use of caps lock this post, let me sum it up for you: 
Amsterdam was just THE BEST. 
I loved the Flower Market, the waffles, the bikes, the Anne Frank House (must see!), and just walking around the miles and miles of picturesque canals. 
It is a vibrant city with a great culture and so many awesome things to do/see. 


Perfect last trip for the semester! 



  1. Haha I went to Amsterdam in July this year and I went past the same "wake me up when I'm famous" painting :) I definitely enjoyed Amsterdam although it was SUPER hot when we were there and we were doing a LOT of walking haha. That picture of the pinky/orange flowers is interesting, and so beautiful!

    1. Wow it was rainy and cold when we were there! And that flower picture is actually looking up at the ceiling of the flower market which is made of hanging flowers! so cool!

  2. I loved my trip to Amsterdam also! I hope I can go back soon.

  3. Awesome photos! I was in Amsterdam last year and it rained the whole time haha, but I took soooo many photos of canals and bikes. :) I like your "dam" photo - too cute!

  4. We should make this part of our Graduation trip in May 2016!