Friday, June 14, 2013

A Little Piece of Switzerland in Utah

Hello friends! I apologize for the huge gap between posts! It has been a busy time! But one of my major summer goals is to get up to date on postings! I have a long list of trips to cover but (cross my fingers) I hope to get some new posts up asap.

So welcome to this weeks mini-post: Midway, UT aka my own Little Switzerland.

▷ Staying in a Swiss style chalet
▷ Spotting Swiss flags around town
▷ Finding the Ticino chalet. {Ticino is the name of my canton (state) in Switzerland}
▷ Hiking in the mountains {a popular Swiss pastime}

Midway, UT is only an hours drive from my house, but it was so fun to spend the weekend with my family up in the mountains. Not to mention how nice it was to be reminded of my home away from home. Thanks for colonizing Midway back in the 1850s Swiss immigrants! xoxo

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