Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Bucketlist: Rome Edition

I am currently working on an overview post about my five days in Rome but I had so many cool experiences and fun little stories from my Rome trip that I decided to make a blog post dedicated to a few of the "bucketlist" worthy roman adventures I had.

✓ #1: Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain 
Legend has it that those who throw a coin in are guaranteed to return to Rome one day... I can't wait! I have wanted to toss a coin in this fountain ever since I saw The Lizzy McGuire movie at the tender age of nine. It only took me about ten years to make that dream happen! 

✓    #2: Spontaneously ride a merry-go-round
One night, whilst wandering the streets of Rome with some friends, we spotted this merry-go-round and we just couldn't resist taking a quick ride. I swear that European merry-go-rounds are just the best! I have taken pictures of them everywhere form France to Germany to Spain. And while this picture really doesn't do it justice, I promise you the hand-painted ceilings, bright lights and old fashioned horses, were well was worth the €.50 for the ride. 

✓   #3: Meet the Swiss Guard
Swiss born mercenaries have been guarding Popes since 1503. All members of the Pontifical Guard must be: trained by the Swiss military, catholic, unwed, Swiss and between 19-30 years old. I know some of you don't believe me, but I actually go to school, and while I was on "Academic Travel" with Franklin College I was assigned to give a presentation on the history of Vatican City and the Swiss Guard. So after all that research I was excited to see them! The only bummer is that it was raining so they had their rain jackets on. But usually they are wearing a voluminous yellow and pink striped outfit that dates back the early 1800s. Rad. (note: I don't think he was too thrilled with me) 

✓    #4: Eat at the restaurant which invented spaghetti carbonara 
La Carbonara (in Campo d'Fiori) indeed claims to be the home of the pasta carbonara. For those of you have never tried it, do yourself a favor and go get some right now! It is a delicious dish made of pasta+egg+cheese+bacon. Basically everything good in life. 

✓     #5: Meet the Pope!! 
Maybe one day I will come back and do a full post on this topic but suffice it say that I was standing less than 5ft away from Papa Francesco, the new Pope. He was chosen by the Cardinal conclave while we were in Pompeii and I was lucky enough to be able to attend his inauguration while in Rome. It was a long day full of crowds, pushing and sore feet, but it also was filled with song, tradition, and a really cool cultural experience. Definitely the most "miserably awesome" thing I have done to date. 

✓    #6: Eat a whole box of Laudree macaroons 
I tried my first macaroon at Laudree in Paris (see this post) and ever since then I have been addicted. I was beyond stoked to see they had a Laudree in Rome. And yes I did eat that whole box. Flavors form L to R: Lavender, Vanilla, Creme Brulee, Marie Antoinette, Chocolate, Caramel, and Raspberry (x2). 

✓    #7: Make international television  (see #5!) 
The popes innaguration was not only extensively covered by Italian media but CNN, BBC, ABC, NBC, Al Jazeera, etc. all had film crews there. I even made it on Brazilian Television because a friend of mine at Franklin is from there and was carrying a Brazillian flag so the news reporter asked her to give an interview and at the end of it she asked me to get in the shot and help wave the flag while shouting "viva la papa". 

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