Friday, March 8, 2013

Let the countdown begin!

After a strenuous midterms week and a marathon day (back to back difficult exams!), I have officially made it through the first half of my 2nd semester in college!! Before I take a much deserved nap I wanted to share with you my plans for Academic Travel. I leave on monday for a 10day trip in Southern Italy and could not be more excited!! For the first 5 days of travel we will be based in Pompeii (known for its archeological ruins). During that time we have daytrips planned to Napoli, Paestum, and the Amalfi Coast. Then we are headed to Rome for 5 days to soak in la citta eterna (eternal city)! I am so excited to soak in the italian sun (or rain as it may be) and explore ancient cities. 

I am still pinching myself, I can't wait until Monday! I am so thankful I have this opportunity. 

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