Thursday, January 24, 2013

Utah, USA

How time flies! I am nearly finished with my first week back in Lugano, Switzerland and although I am excited for the adventures that lay ahead, I can't help but find myself reflecting on what an incredible month I had at home in Salt Lake City. There is no way I could include all the pictures and stories I have to share after a month at home. But here is my attempt at some sort of recap. 

During my 33 days home I drove up and down Little Cottonwood Canyon no less than 10x. I can't complain about the view out the car window.  
Highlight: double rainbow across the canyon

Stockings, lights at Temple Square, a nativity, and Santa. Best Christmas ever! 
Highlight: Maxwell wearing his Santa suit I bought him in Switzerland for a week straight

Christmas Day skiing! Midway down our last run clouds engulfed the base of Alta as a massive storm blew in. 
Highlight: Gorgeous blue skies 

Weekend up at Heber! We celebrated Dad's birthday with tubing, board games, and a steak dinner. Highlight: organizing a 10 person tubing formation. 

Making pancakes with these cuties! 
Highlight: the perfect mickey mouse pancake 

Skiing in a blizzard..  
highlight: deep powder 

Reconnecting with friends. 
Highlight: everyone! 

The aftermath of the 72 hour snowstorm.
Highlight: the satisfaction after hours spent un-digging the buried car. 

The family playing zookeeper for the day and feeding all the giraffes
Highlight: Maxwell fancied himself above the "no petting" rule

Snow transforms Salt Lake into a magical place. 
Highlight: blue skies + white mountains 

My last day skiing. Bittersweet. 
Highlight: doing a somersault into powder. 

A big shout out to all my friends and family that made this winter break memorable. Love you all oodles and heaps! 
Until next time Salt Lake!  xoxo

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