Sunday, August 26, 2012

Valle Verzasca, Switzerland

I can not believe that I get to live in Switzerland these next few months. The beauty absolutely astounds me, the whole experience thus far has been quite surreal. I alternate between feeling like I am dreaming and feeling like I am on vacation, everytime I am shocked when I remember that I am living here.

Today we traveled up to Valle Verzasca and visited Sonogno. Even from our bus the views of cobble stone roads, old swiss houses and the mountain rivers were so insanely beautiful. First we had a picnic by the ice cold stream and then we hiked up to a massive waterfall that was gushing out of the mountain, at least 200 feet tall. 

Then we headed down to an iconic "m" shaped stone bridge and boulders that overlook the glacial river and in a moment of bravery my friend and I jumped off a 30 ft tall boulder into the freezing cold water, the height I didn't mind.. the cold I did! But I am glad I did it, YOLO.

After returning back to campus and eating dinner I went with a group of kids and got gelato at -9 (or menos nove as they say it here) this gelato will change your life. So yummy! This time around I tried a chocolate hazelnut flavor (nutella-ish) and stracciatella (cream and chocolate chip)

I can't think of a better way to end my summer. I am so incredibly blessed.

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