Thursday, August 23, 2012

Switzerland Update

The last few days have been crazy busy but here is a quick recap! 

Day One: After a difficult goodbye to family and friends at the airport, and 13+ hours of flying I landed at 8am Tuesday morning in the Zurich Airport. From there Franklin College chartered a bus to make the 2.5 hour drive from Zurich to Lugano. It was so beautiful that I hardly even noticed the time. 

Day Two: Lots of orientation meetings! But I started off the day right with a nutella croissant from the cafe on main campus. It was very exciting to take both a tour of the campus and of the downtown. Walking is practically becoming a hobby of mine. In our very limited time I have so much enjoyed walking through the Sorengo neighborhood the college is located in. Just walking between campuses (Main and North) I am treading on cobblestone paths which curve past Italian villas and people riding their Vespa’s through the streets. I feel like I am living in a fairytale! Especially when I made the 15min walk downtown! It is gorgeous and I felt so european ordering my gelato in Italian and drinking sparkling water. The bottom left picture is of a drinking fountain here, they all look as ornate as this and the water is delicious. 

Day Three:  I title this picture "Lost in Ticino." After a long day of more orientation meetings my friend and I decided to head downtown to pick up some supplies at the grocery store. Unfortunately we took a wrong turn and didn't realize it until we found a map and realized that we weren't even in Lugano anymore but the next town over. Getting back to Lugano we got lost a few more times and eventually figured out the right way to go but after 2.5 hours of being lost it was time for us to go back to dinner. Tomorrow we hope to be more successful :) 

Tomorrow I am visiting a castle in Bellinoza, more pics and stories to come soon! 


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